Nutrigenomics related research papers

  1. Nutrigenomics and Cancer Prevention (Nicastro et al, 2012)                                      Findings to date demonstrate that nutrigenomics and the downstream events can have a significant impact on the relationship between dietary exposures and cancer risk/tumour behaviour.
  2. Nutrigenomics, Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention (Davis and Milner, 2011)               It is already abundantly clear that genetics and nutrient-nutrient interactions can influence the overall response to vitamin D. While additional and widespread food fortification might reduce the risk of some cancers, it may also precipitate issues in others. 
  3. Nutrigenomics: The Genome–Food Interface (Mead, 2007)                                          Nutrigenomics will help usher in the development of new functional foods and supplements for genome health that can be mixed and matched so that overall nutritional intake is appropriately tailored to an individual’s genotype and genome status.
  4. Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics: New Insight in Disease Prevention and Cure  (Sharma and Dwived, 2017)                                                                                                         Nutrigenomics will help in evaluating the individual nutritional needs based on the genetic profile of the individual (personalised diet) as well as help in curing and preventing the chronic diseases.