True health and well-being is dependent upon the proper functioning of all of the various systems within the human body. These systems do not work in isolation of each other however, but rather as a complex integrated and interconnected network, where each system relies on the other in some way.

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences offer premium quality diagnostic tests designed to assess the functionality of these systems. They range from helping individuals to identify the presence of IgG food intolerance, candida and coeliac disease, to assessing adrenal and thyroid function.

Using the appropriate test, individuals can gain insight into the functionality of their body. This knowledge can help to guide specific nutritional and lifestyle modifications aimed at maintaining, or restoring optimal health and well-being.  

What are food intolerances?

The complex way food affects our lives is an emerging area and identifying which foods could be causing symptoms can be difficult. Understanding that there are different types of food intolerances, how to test for them and how to interpret test results can play an important role in helping to empower individuals to take control of their lives. Within this context, it is particularly important to explain what an allergy reaction is.

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